Hunter Valley’s Best Kept Little Secret

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When we think of the Hunter Valley, the most common wineries that come to mind are in the Pokolbin area, from the rolling vineyards of Tyrrell’s Wines to the unique tasting experiences at Peterson House.

And while they are undoubtedly amazing vineyards – there’s more to the Hunter Valley.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice eager to explore the world of wine, there’s something for everyone, with the region offering a diverse range of cellars to suit all tastes.

If you look beyond the usual offerings, you will find Briar Ridge vineyard, a “hidden gem” if you’d like, located just a 12-minute drive south of Pokolbin, in Mount View.


“Vineyards would say we would be put on a pedestal in the Hunter — and you’ve got the likes of Graveyard Vineyard which is Brokenwood, HVD and Stevens for Tyrells, which are amazing vineyards — they produce great exceptional fruit,” Briar Ridge Vineyard winemaker Andrew Duff told

“But I think Talavera Grove or Briar Ridge is up there as well. It’s just not given the same respect.”

Mr Duff said the award-winning Briar, which has been producing quality wines for almost 50 years, has a long history not many people know about.

“Some of the greatest winemakers that have ever come out of the Hunter have worked here,” he said.


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