Estancia Osteria

Welcome to Estancia Osteria, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of the Hunter Valley. Our story is one of passion for food, reverence for nature, and dedication to hospitality. With a fusion of South American, northern Italian and Mediterranean influences, we craft each dish using locally sourced ingredients and innovative live-fire cooking techniques. Join us on a journey of flavor and tradition as we celebrate the vibrant culinary tapestry of our region.


A Journey Through Tradition

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey steeped in tradition and brimming with flavor. From the comforting warmth of time-honored recipes to the vibrant colors of seasonal ingredients, our chefs draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of culinary heritage to create dishes that transport you to distant lands and bygone eras. Each bite is a tribute to the artisans and farmers who have cultivated our culinary traditions for centuries, honoring their legacy with every exquisite flavor and aroma.


The Team

The Team

Gabriel Rodrigues

Culinary Chef

Specialized chef in French Mediterranean cuisine formed at the well-known Anhembi Morumbi’s recognized as the pioneer University of hospitality in Brazil. Brazilian-born, I have been cooking since I was little, my professional cooking career started in South America in 2009, where I built depth of experience with French cuisine working at the well-known Chezz Phillippe, Michelin recommended.

James Orlowski

Executive Chef

James’ journey with food began at a young age growing up in the South Island of New Zealand, working on dairy and cattle farms. I was hooked on preparing amazing food and working with quality fresh, healthy ingredients. Weekends and holidays were spent hunting and fishing through the highlands and cooking our catch.

Niah Suksawaeng

Head Chef

Hugely passionate about the industry, his breadth of knowledge and desire to exceed guest expectations is at the forefront of his approach to wine service.